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Furniture Removalists Brisbane – Some Should Ask Questions

Dated: June 21, 2013
| Posted By:Michael York
I founded Flex Removals back in 2008 and over the past 5 years I've heard literally hundreds of different questions from customers about choosing the best Removalists Brisbane company. Our new furniture removals website and FAQ's section is fully geared towards providing all of the information, training and advice you need before choosing the best removalist company to go with for your next move.

So take a few minutes and take a look around the videos and information articles to help everyone know as much about moving house and the Brisbane removalist industry as they possibly can.

Some Questions for your Furniture Removalists in Brisbane

So as you know we’ve taken a lot of time trying to analyse what our customers really want to know before they go and plan a move. We have spent a lot of time reasearching our customers needs and I really appreciate the effort all of our customers have put in to assist. We've put together lists of questions for me to answer for the main things our customers are looking for when they are booking movers in Brisbane. I’m just going to mention a couple of them now and run through for our customers and for anybody thinking about moving, what are the things that you should be asking your furniture removalist before you book a move. So, the first question is, how can I be sure that my things will be packed and handled properly and protected during a move? Generally, you need to inquire as to what kind of protective or packing materials that your companies use. At Flex Removals, we use double quilted furniture pads which comply with the industries highest standards. These pads are specifically made to make sure that your furniture is completely protected at all stages during the move. So no scratches, no damage, no chipped wood or anything like that. A lot of customers don’t really know that it’s necessary to check with their furniture movers about this kind of thing. We’ve seen customers come to us in the past and their previous removalist were using things like bed sheets, blankets and a whole host of other methods up to absolutely no furniture protection at all. So, it’s really important to make sure that you’re asking your removalist what they are using to make sure that your stuffs will get from point A to point B completely protected and safe at the end of the day.